Star Wars: Battle of the Bothans

Episode 2

Buyer Beware

Episode 2:
Buyer Beware?

- The PCs are in the museum
o Chico pleads they leave him the relics, something other than a dead assistant
o Chico offers to find buyers for the relics for 50%
o If they leave him with nothing, then he wanders off mumbling “this cannot happen, I must find a way to make this right”
- If they follow the Imps
o Tiro and his guards go to the port authority to deliver the bribes
o 2 storm troopers (pg404)take the cylinders to the shuttle in the dock
- The planetary authorities (pg398)will come after the PCs at the behest of Chico, for stealing the artifacts
- If they Steal the cylinders, then Tiro will stop at nothing to get them back, he will even bombard the city if he thinks it will help
- If Tiro is endangered, Drago will call and say there are fighters and a shuttle on the way down to the planet. Tie bombers will clear a landing area and the shuttle will pick up Tiro and company.
- Drago has them look for a buyer for the artifacts.
- One is a Hutt, one is a wealthy arms dealer w/ imperial ties, the third is an obscure antiques dealer.

o They will hopefully settle on an antiques dealer (Meesat Scabew) on Tatooine
o The dealer will ask to see a sample of the items before setting up an exchange
o He hires a swoop gang to steal the goods right off the ship at Mos Eisley star port
- The Swoop Gang, “Kryaat Dragons” hangs out in the deserts west of Mos Eisley.
o Their camp is temporary shelters, a bonfire, and some crates. There are some bikers riding around the camp, while most sit around the fire partying.
o If the PCs want the dragons to tell them what they want they will have to
 Win a swoop race
 Defeat their strongest fighter
 Bribe them
 Or maybe beat them up and threaten them
- The swoop gang will lead them right to the antiques dealer
Meesat’s Farm:
- Meesat lives on an old moisture farm, converted to a ranch
- He stores his collections and artwork throughout the compound
- He has some Gamorean body guards
- The final battle the PCs will be searching down in one of the sunken buildings when they are ambushed from up top by Meesat and his guards.


Hey, can we make it a point to put gained obligations, xp, money, etc. in these posts or the comments? I’ll start:

Obligation gained: 5 – Slaver from Tatooine – all players gain
XP – 15 total (5 showing up, 5 roleplaying, 5 for new obligation)
Money – 700 credits each (630 for Chir’Daki)

Episode 2
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