Star Wars: Battle of the Bothans

X Marks the Spot. Oh no! I've been shot!

Episode 3

Episode 3:
Strike the Empire Back

Caption Drago is mad about the poor profit from the last mission and he wants a big score!
- He asks to get some info on possible Imperial targets in the area.
o Charles can solicit alliance info
o They can do some research
- He perceives the loss due mostly to Lord Tiro’s interference and is willing to take a high risk privateer score both for payback and much needed profits to keep moral up.
- They go after an arms shipment due for the ….. sector…. In imperial held space
o A shipment of blastech E11’s are being shipped to a private buyer on Ord Biniir
o The freighter Tantrick is scheduled to depart from Coruscant, with a stop at Arkania and Bandomeer, then making its way to Ord Biniir.
- They will have to disable the ship, board it, and secure the cargo, then decide what to do with the ship and survivors…
o Drago wants some people to take the “shuttle” to Arkania and get eyes on the target
o The calamity will set a “barricade” trap outside the Bandomeer system. When the Tantrick drops out of hyperspace they’ll disable her, secure the cargo and crew, then take off with their booty.
o Drago doesn’t want to sell the crew into slavery, but some do
o The ship can be destroyed, repaired and sold, or given back to the merchants
- If the PCs decide to go to Arkania…
o Arkania is a mining planet specializing in diamond and rare gems
o The Tantrick is docked at the space station in orbit. Access is restricted to ID scan upon docking, so only the crew can enter their dock or allow access.
o Some of the crew are in the Cantina, while the captain (Kimball Paasick, a Chiss) is negotiating transporting some passengers, a pair of newly wed (Rodians?)
o The crew has no loyalties to the empire, this is just a job
o The crew in the cantina can be bribed or tricked into divulging info
 One of them is gambling
 One is drinking heavily and might want to buy some spice.
- The Barricade works brilliantly and the Tantrick is dropped out of hyperspace at (medium range)
o The Calamity is has one of the turbo laser batteries replaced by (medium ion cannon)
o The shuttle has a light tractor beam, the Calamity has a medium
o The Tantrick is a YT-2400 light freighter
o Onboard the crew will attempt to repell the boarders, but will surrender once one of them falls or the level of violence is too much to stomach.
- The captured crew wants to return to their ship and will promise to misdirect the authorities.
- The ship is damaged during the battle and cannot quickly be repaired (system patrol may show up)
o They could detonate the ships engine, leave the ship, or even tow it back to port (with a good story)

Episode 2
Buyer Beware

Episode 2:
Buyer Beware?

- The PCs are in the museum
o Chico pleads they leave him the relics, something other than a dead assistant
o Chico offers to find buyers for the relics for 50%
o If they leave him with nothing, then he wanders off mumbling “this cannot happen, I must find a way to make this right”
- If they follow the Imps
o Tiro and his guards go to the port authority to deliver the bribes
o 2 storm troopers (pg404)take the cylinders to the shuttle in the dock
- The planetary authorities (pg398)will come after the PCs at the behest of Chico, for stealing the artifacts
- If they Steal the cylinders, then Tiro will stop at nothing to get them back, he will even bombard the city if he thinks it will help
- If Tiro is endangered, Drago will call and say there are fighters and a shuttle on the way down to the planet. Tie bombers will clear a landing area and the shuttle will pick up Tiro and company.
- Drago has them look for a buyer for the artifacts.
- One is a Hutt, one is a wealthy arms dealer w/ imperial ties, the third is an obscure antiques dealer.

o They will hopefully settle on an antiques dealer (Meesat Scabew) on Tatooine
o The dealer will ask to see a sample of the items before setting up an exchange
o He hires a swoop gang to steal the goods right off the ship at Mos Eisley star port
- The Swoop Gang, “Kryaat Dragons” hangs out in the deserts west of Mos Eisley.
o Their camp is temporary shelters, a bonfire, and some crates. There are some bikers riding around the camp, while most sit around the fire partying.
o If the PCs want the dragons to tell them what they want they will have to
 Win a swoop race
 Defeat their strongest fighter
 Bribe them
 Or maybe beat them up and threaten them
- The swoop gang will lead them right to the antiques dealer
Meesat’s Farm:
- Meesat lives on an old moisture farm, converted to a ranch
- He stores his collections and artwork throughout the compound
- He has some Gamorean body guards
- The final battle the PCs will be searching down in one of the sunken buildings when they are ambushed from up top by Meesat and his guards.

Episode 1
Lost Treasures

Episode 1:
Lost Treasures

Coruscant was the seat of power for the Emperor and now has become the capital of the New Republic and the reformed Galactic Senate. The battle to liberate the old empirial capital was hard fought, but was not a complete victory for the Rebellion. During and in the aftermath of the battle, many of the imperial beauracrats and those loyal the Empire fled the planet and took with them many valuables and cultural treasures from throughout the galaxy. This fact has been largely covered up by the New Republic as it would be an embarrassment to the fledgling regime.
- The crew has been commissioned to salvage a derelict vessel believed to be the clemency.
- The clemency was one of the ships that ran the rebel blockade during the aftermath of the battle of Coruscant.
- It is believed to contain a large number of valuables and cultural artifacts removed from the planet.
- The clemency never arrived at its destination and was thought lost.
- Several Weeks ago a derelict floated into sensor range of the verpine asteroid colonies baring the markings of the Clemency
- They were hired by a museum curator from Commenor. He offered 250c each and a 500c bonus if the ship turns out to be clemency and the cargo is intact.

Salvaging the Ship:

- The captain brings stops at a distance and sends a shuttle/fighter to take a closer look
- Once it looks safe the ship gets in close and locks on the tractor beam to stabilize it and stop the spinning
- Then the crew will have to don suits and space walk over to gain access
- Once they get onboard they can search
o They’ll bump into a dead storm trooper or two, and a few dead beaurocrats
o The life support and gravity are off, due to engine failure, the engine took damage
o The shields are blown and unsalvageable.
o The hyperdrive seems to be damaged, but salvageable
o The computers are intact if they can power them up, but the data is mostly correpted. They can find data on the destination (gala)
o The cargo hold has several large containers. Slicing can open them. Inside are priceless cultural artifacts from around the galaxy, valuables, and unidentifiable cylinders (maybe medical or biological inside)
- They spend the next few days breaking down the ship and getting anything valuable inside.
o If they try to break into the crates, the captain says “we were contracted to deliver the cargo intact and untampered with” so no, you can’t open them. And if you find anything interesting inside let me know. This goes without saying that it better look like they’re intact when we deliver them
Delivering the Goods:
- Professor Chiico Sapan, a duros is waiting for them on Commenor at the museum
- Their shuttle must stop and be scanned by customs before any items are allowed out of the star port. While they wait they are encouraged to relax at the resturants and cantinas around the star port.
o They are met by the professors assistant, a young human named Kavis. He pleads with them to give him the artifacts so he can return them to Coruscant. He doesn’t have any money to offer, but pleads that is the right thing to do. He believes the professor is going to sell the objects.
o Where ever they go they are confronted by a drunk correllian who accuses them of killing his brother. “you people”
o He will start the fight and his many brothers will jump in
- As they are headed to the museum they notice several storm troopers headed down the street in the direction of the star port.
- When they arrive at the museum they are met by the professor, who locks the door behind them.
o He leads them to one of the large galleries where he asks them to put the crates.
 “And you’re sure it was the clemency?” “oh I wish I could’ve seen it”
o “Please open them up” “nobody has seen these objects in years, and they were thought lost forever” “I’m so exited”
o Kavis enters the gallery “Professor are these the artifacts?”
 “We shall soon see”
o After they open them and the professor confirms some items “this is the blah blah from blah blah!” , his comm link goes off
 “Professor, do you have the items?”
• “Yes lord Tiro, they appear to all be here, per your manifest”
- With that 2 storm troopers enter the far end of the room, followed by 4 four more, a human dressed in Imperial officers cloths and a large Wookie with a scared face and eye on the right side as well as a cybernetic right arm.
o The Officer greets the professor “Professor Chiico, this is a great day for both of us”
o “Raalytuck, the crates” The wookie motions to two of the storm troopers and the three of them walk up to the crates.
o Kavis tries to stop them “NO! Professor, you can’t let them have these artifacts. They belong to the people of the galaxy and to posterity. “
 The professor “Kavis, you don’t understand. These items were stored in a museum and they weren’t safe. This is best”
 Kavis pulls out a pistol “NO professor! He is pointing at the Wookie, then turns back to the professor “This isn’t right, they stole these items, we can’t…”
o Raalytuck pulled out his wookie bowcaster with such speed it was almost a blur and fired cutting off Kavis mid-sentence
 Lord Tiro “Thank you Raalytuck, I was growing irritated by his incessant crying”
• Raalytuck lets out a Wookie growl that sounds almost like a laugh but scarier.
o The storm troopers start the search and quickly come up with what they were looking for “Sir I think this is it”
 Lord Tiro “YES! Take the cylinders, leave the rest”
 He then waves to one of the storm troopers who takes a case of credits to the professor
o The professor says “Wait, this doesn’t include the bonus!”
 “you can keep the rest of the artifacts. To someone of your profession that should be bonus enough”
o If they PC’s complain…
 “I had a deal with the professor not you. I can see you are business men. I suggest you take up your concerns with the professor as he seems to have broken your agreement.
Obligation to the ship = I want something that the ship should have. I get it from the ship but gain the obligation debt, they can’t get rid of until they pay it off. If it pops someone on the ship needs the item or the money and the PC must pay it back immediately or the obligation goes up and compounds interest equal to the % of the obligation (aka 5pt = 5% interest)


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