Star Wars: Battle of the Bothans

Episode 3

Episode 3:
Strike the Empire Back

Caption Drago is mad about the poor profit from the last mission and he wants a big score!
- He asks to get some info on possible Imperial targets in the area.
o Charles can solicit alliance info
o They can do some research
- He perceives the loss due mostly to Lord Tiro’s interference and is willing to take a high risk privateer score both for payback and much needed profits to keep moral up.
- They go after an arms shipment due for the ….. sector…. In imperial held space
o A shipment of blastech E11’s are being shipped to a private buyer on Ord Biniir
o The freighter Tantrick is scheduled to depart from Coruscant, with a stop at Arkania and Bandomeer, then making its way to Ord Biniir.
- They will have to disable the ship, board it, and secure the cargo, then decide what to do with the ship and survivors…
o Drago wants some people to take the “shuttle” to Arkania and get eyes on the target
o The calamity will set a “barricade” trap outside the Bandomeer system. When the Tantrick drops out of hyperspace they’ll disable her, secure the cargo and crew, then take off with their booty.
o Drago doesn’t want to sell the crew into slavery, but some do
o The ship can be destroyed, repaired and sold, or given back to the merchants
- If the PCs decide to go to Arkania…
o Arkania is a mining planet specializing in diamond and rare gems
o The Tantrick is docked at the space station in orbit. Access is restricted to ID scan upon docking, so only the crew can enter their dock or allow access.
o Some of the crew are in the Cantina, while the captain (Kimball Paasick, a Chiss) is negotiating transporting some passengers, a pair of newly wed (Rodians?)
o The crew has no loyalties to the empire, this is just a job
o The crew in the cantina can be bribed or tricked into divulging info
 One of them is gambling
 One is drinking heavily and might want to buy some spice.
- The Barricade works brilliantly and the Tantrick is dropped out of hyperspace at (medium range)
o The Calamity is has one of the turbo laser batteries replaced by (medium ion cannon)
o The shuttle has a light tractor beam, the Calamity has a medium
o The Tantrick is a YT-2400 light freighter
o Onboard the crew will attempt to repell the boarders, but will surrender once one of them falls or the level of violence is too much to stomach.
- The captured crew wants to return to their ship and will promise to misdirect the authorities.
- The ship is damaged during the battle and cannot quickly be repaired (system patrol may show up)
o They could detonate the ships engine, leave the ship, or even tow it back to port (with a good story)


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