Former slave, trained as an assassin


Main characteristics:

  • Unique tattoos on his face and lekku – they are not traditional Twi’lek designs though he suspects they are. In fact, they are markings given by his original slave master.
  • Young and naive – Chir’daki is only 16 years old – barely an adult by Twi’lek standards – though his life forced a quick maturation. As he was a slave for the entirety of his memory (until recently) he is sometimes naive of basic concepts.
  • Emotionally detached – Chir’daki has never known his family, he has never had long term friends, and the only thing he knows really well is how to serve, guard, and kill. For him, life does not hold the same value as it would for others. This also applies to relationships of any kind save those of his family if he can ever find them.


  • “You can’t change something by doing nothing.”
  • “Mercy is for the weak; regrets are for the foolish.”
  • “Slavery only exists because the so-called slaves allow it.”


  • Brawny (for a Twi’lek) and also claims a good presence (both at 3.) – He was trained to serve a master as an entertainer and bodyguard (and eventually assassinate them if need be.)
  • He is skilled in stealth, skullduggery, melee, brawling, athletics, vigilance, and charm. His former master intended to use him as a spy in addition to assassin.
  • He is talented in fields that help him act quickly, act first, and take an opponent out as quickly as possible and get out of danger as soon his job is done (stalker, dodge, quick strikes.)


Early Childhood:

Chir’daki (real name Adon Talik) was born into a family that worked as servants for a wealthy and somewhat influential Twi’lek named Sin Passik. After the Battle of Endor, Sin found his position and finances fading quickly as much of it was tied into support of the Empire’s Maw Installation and it’s administrator, Tol Sivron. As Imperial support grew weaker and weaker on Ryloth, Sin decided it best to start fresh elsewhere.

Sin, in need of a boost to his dwindling finances, hastily doctored the contracts for the Talik family and negotiated the purchase of several members (including Adon and the other two children) by the slaver, Ruck Kaan. Sin then fled with the rest of his now forever indentured servants to the Outer Rim or Imperial space.

Ruck, being an experienced slaver, quickly sold off the older members of the family to various parties throughout the galaxy. The children, however, he kept to raise for use in very specific sales and situations. He chose to train Adon to be an assassin – teaching him from a young age that life is meaningless and only your target is what matters.

Ruck was careful to keep the two brothers and one sister separate as much as possible – they were nothing but tools and having them form a bond would only complicate things. Whenever the opportunity presented itself to show his young slave death, Ruck made sure to do so – sometimes going as far as involving the child in the act. Once he felt the child was used to death and the position of slave, Ruck decided it was time for the child to learn to hunt and kill.


Ruck arranged for the child to learn his skills from the bounty hunter, Lodan, in exchange for the child serving Lodan as a slave, distraction, sidekick, and whatever else he needed while the child was under his tutelage. Lodan saw the potential in this arrangement and immediately began very slowly teaching the child the skills he was to learn. He named the child, Chir’Daki (translated as death spore – a plant on Ryloth that kills it’s victims by being breathed in and then slowly poisoning them.)

Lodan employed uncommon methods in bounty hunting; he often sought large, unadvertised bounties that involved getting closer to the bounty than most hunters would like. He taught many of these skills to his new pupil while also using him on his hunts – there were places a child could fit much easier than a full size hunter; Chir’daki became an expert at hiding in vents, under beds, and so on.

One evening, while instructing the child on how to properly apply poison to a blade, Lodan realized two things: this child had no idea what his name meant and he may not actually be able to communicate with lekku. Lodan set upon solving both issues. Chir’Daki was instructed in proper communication through lekku as well as the Ryl language and at the end of his lessons, Chir’Daki finally understood what his name meant – and he approved.

Lodan and Chir’Daki grew close over the next few years and Lodan, seeing Chir’Daki as more than a slave, begun to investigate Chir’Daki’s youth. He contacted Ruck on occasion to update the child’s progress and at the same time pried a little information about Chir’Daki’s family and history. After gained all he could, he shared what he knew with Chir’Daki. The child seemed to care little for the information but instead insisted on learning more about sneaking and killing and fighting. Lodan, somewhat surprised, granted his request.

Chir’Daki was given much freedom under Lodan and he was often reminded that one day he would have to go back to Ruck – or fight for his freedom. Over time, Chir’Daki learned what it was to make your own decisions and to ask forgiveness instead of permission. He valued his freedom and when Lodan passingly asked him, “What will you do when you are finally free?” Chir’Daki instantly replied, without emotion, “Reunite my family and make their enslavers pay.” It was then that Lodan realized what kind of person Chir’Daki had become.

Lodan decided it was time for Chir’Daki, now a young man, to leave. Lodan always completed a contract.

Recent history

Ruck’s shuttle arrived and he emerged with two others. He stated it was time to hand over his slave. Chir’Daki at first, refused to go with him – no longer seeing himself as a slave.

After some idle threats from both ends, Ruck played his trump – he told Chir’Daki that he had his sister in captivity and if he did not cooperate, Ruck would take it out on her. Chir’Daki agreed.

Ruck told Lodan to replace the slave’s collar and give him the remote. Lodan fetched the old collar – which he never used on Chir’Daki – and placed it around the young man’s neck. As he locked eyes with him he uttered, “I’m sorry.” Chir’Daki did not understand at that time why Lodan was apologizing.

Ruck and his men boarded their shuttle with the slave. Ruck plotted a course to return them to their ship and they took off. Ruck kept his remote by his side. His mind was occupied with thoughts of how he would have to control this slave and how much money he would make with him.

After their first hyperspace jump, Ruck realized he had not checked the collar – it was a decade old and may not have been used at all. Without turning around he ordered his men to check the collar. Chir’Daki seized the moment.

The stronger of Ruck’s men went around behind Chir’Daki to check the collar while the smaller man kept a blaster pointed at the slave. With lightning speed, Chir’Daki grabber the left arm of the stronger man as he reached toward the collar and swung him in front – blocking the blaster shot fired by the smaller man.

Chir’Daki swung his leg out and kicked the blaster out of the hand of the smaller man. The Twi’lek dropped the dying stronger man and rushed at the smaller man – pinning him against the side of the shuttle. He then brought his head crashing down upon the nose of the smaller man – a technique he learned, would often kill a man as bone fragments were driven into the brain. At the least, the smaller man passed out.

As he turned toward the front of the ship, Chir’Daki realized that Ruck was not only aware of what was happening but was watching it. He wanted to see how his slave had progressed. Ruck held the slave collar remote in his hand, ready to press the button at the slighted movement.

He explained how far they would go in the future and how Chir’Daki would become his greatest creation. Chir’Daki decided it would be a better fate to charge the man than never try. He could luck out, he thought – the slave collar could be broken or at least worn out and he might be able to fight through the pain. As Ruck’s finger neared the button, Chir’Daki prepared himself for the pain.

He’d felt the pain of a shock collar before – and it was nothing like this. His front half erupted in a hot sting while also feeling like he was being punched in the stomach. At the same time, his back half felt the slam of hard metal against it. Consciousness faded before he realized what had happened.

Captain Drago was there when Chir’Daki came to. He explained that they had found the shuttle floating adrift – by chance – while they were jumping through the system. Once Chir’Daki recovered, his questions came flooding out.

Chir’Daki learned that the cockpit of the shuttle was destroyed – all the nav computer’s information as well as the pilot. There was some sort of explosive that had likely started from where the pilot sat.

Chir’Daki realized then why Lodan had apologized. Small explosives were Lodan’s favorite method of eliminating his target. He would often plant them in something his target would use frequently.

Chir’Daki signed on with Drago’s crew – travelling the galaxy would help him find his family. Eventually.


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