Chir'Daki's Family Obligation

Chir’Daki’s Family obligation is not currently one where he has to take care of his family – but instead he is trying to find them and THEN take care of them.

His entire family was enslaved. His brother and sister are close in age to him and belonged to the same slave master – who is now dead.

Other than them, he is unsure of how many other family members he has floating around. He does know that the same master that held his sister and brother did have other family members at one time.

How to bring this up in game:

Some suggestions about how to present this obligation if you are running the game are below. Obviously, this is not all encompassing.

  • A family member contacts Chir’Daki – he has been travelling around openly telling people who he is looking for – this might be reasonable. They need help gaining their freedom. This could involved getting enough money to buy them, killing their master, planning an escape, or a combination of those.
  • Chir’Daki stumbles across a family member. First, one or both of them would have to realize they are family. After that, it might play out like the above.
  • Someone contacts Chir’Daki stating that they have information about the whereabouts or past of Chir’Daki’s family but is only willing to let it go for a price. Again, money or a deed done.

Chir'Daki's Family Obligation

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